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Use of CAAHEP Logo by Programs and Sponsoring Institutions

The CAAHEP logo is the exclusive property of CAAHEP, however, we allow accredited programs and their sponsoring institutions to use the CAAHEP logo in publications and displays. The following guidelines must be followed:

  • The logo must be used in its entirety and not modified except that it may be reduced or enlarged to suite the use, but the scale of the elements should be retained.
  • It may be reproduced in black and white or in darker shades of blue.
  • The logo must NOT be used by programs that have not been granted CAAHEP accreditation.
  • When programs are included in publication and/or display that are not accredited by CAAHEP then accompanying text must be included that makes it clear which programs are CAAHEP accredited.
  • Use of the logo shall be subject at all times to revocation and withdrawal by CAAHEP when, in its sole judgment, its continued use would not serve the best interests of CAAHEP or the public.
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