chart of the CAAHEP accreditation process

International Accreditation Process

CAAHEP provides oversight and collaborates with its Committees on Accreditation (CoAs) to review programs outside the United States for accreditation.

Graphic of the accreditation process

CAAHEP Accreditation Process

Each Committee on Accreditation (CoA) in the CAAHEP system works directly with programs in its discipline throughout the accreditation process. As outlined in the CAAHEP Policy & Procedures, CoAs must utilize core elements in reviewing programs and formulating recommendations to CAAHEP. Below are core elements and a summary of the CAAHEP process. For more specific information on a particular profession, contact the CoA for the profession.

chart of the CAAHEP accreditation process

The decision to review programs outside the United States is at the discretion of each profession’s Committee on Accreditation (CoA). CoAs and professions are approved by CAAHEP to review programs outside the U.S and its territories. Approved professions are listed below. Please check this page regularly for updates.

The following Committees on Accreditation and professions have been approved to conduct international reviews:

Process for programs outside the U.S. seeking CAAHEP accreditation:

International Eligibility 
Review Application

A program located outside the United States submits an International Eligibility Review Application (IERA) to CAAHEP. The IERA is a non-evaluative screening process to determine the program sponsor's understanding of the accreditation process and its eligibility to participate in CAAHEP accreditation. Applications are accepted for programs in approved Committees on Accreditation and professions only.

IERA Review

The International Accreditation Review Committee (IARC) reviews and validates the IERA according to current CAAHEP policies and requirements. The IARC may request additional information or a revision of the submitted application and materials.

Program begins the
Accreditation Process

Following approval of the IERA, the program begins the (pre) accreditation process with the approved Committee on Accreditation (CoA). Some CoAs require programs to enter the evaluation process through a pre-accreditation pathway, prior to application for initial accreditation. A program requesting initial or continuing accreditation submits a Request for Accreditation Services Form (RAS). The CoA notifies the program of the self-study requirements and review process.

Comprehensive Review

Following the profession-specific instructions, the program completes and submits a self-study. Assigned representatives from the CoA review the self-study and provide feedback to the program.

Site Visit

Individuals assigned by the CoA conduct a site visit. The site visit team meets with various communities of interest, reviews program resources and documentation to verify information submitted in the Self-Study Report.

CoA Review and Recommendation

The CoA evaluates the program's compliance with the Standards and recommends an accreditation status to the CAAHEP Board of Directors.

Accreditation Status Decision

The CAAHEP Board of Directors reviews and takes action on CoA recommendations at six meetings per year (January, March, May, July, September, and November).  

Continuous Quality Review

Programs engage in quality improvement activities and submit evidence in accordance with established policies and practices.

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Fees associated with international accreditation review and CAAHEP accreditation.

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