Governing Documents

CAAHEP has a number of publications and governing documents that may be of assistance to anyone who is interested in learning more about CAAHEP activities.

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The CAAHEP Bylaws describe the structure and procedures under which CAAHEP operates.


CAAHEP Policies and Procedures
The CAAHEP Policies and Procedures Manual sets out all CAAHEP policies. Information regarding accreditation recommendations, Standards development and approval, entrance into the CAAHEP system of accreditation by a profession, etc., are all found in this publication.

CAAHEP Policies and Procedures Manual

Standards Template
‍CAAHEP Standards Template is the document on which all CAAHEP Standards are based. The Template was updated and approved in 2022.

CAAHEP Standards Template

CAAHEP assesses dues and fees that are necessary and reasonable. All fees are approved by the CAAHEP Board of Directors and published on the CAAHEP website before the fee changes' effective date.

Program Accreditation Fee
Each CAAHEP accredited program is assessed an annual Accredited Program Fee set by the Board of Directors. The Accredited Program Fee is based on the number of CAAHEP accredited programs at a program sponsor location (campus).

Programs reviewed under different CAAHEP Standards are counted as unique programs. Programs with multiple learning concentrations or award levels for the same profession (defined as being evaluated under the same CAAHEP Standards) will be considered one program and assessed one Accredited Program Fee. Satellites or alternate locations are not billed a CAAHEP Accredited Program Fee.

See the Program Fees chart below and the CAAHEP Policies and Procedures Manual, posted above, for complete details.

CAAHEP Program Fees

Expense Reimbursement
If you have attended a CAAHEP meeting and are entitled to having some or all of your expenses reimbursed, please use the CAAHEP Expense Reimbursement form. Remember expense reports must be submitted within 60 days of the event and all expenses over $25.00 must be accompanied by a receipt. The reimbursement policies are included on the form.

CAAHEP Expense Reimbursement

Liaison Report Form
Following each Committee on Accreditation meeting, the CoA's liaison is required to complete a Liaison Report Form and submit it to CAAHEP. The Liaison Report form is found below.

CAAHEP Liaison Report Form