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CARTE c/o Jared Allsop, Ph.D., CTRS, Chair

Indiana University
School of Public Health
1025 E. 7th Street, Suite 111
Bloomington, IN 47405 USA
Phone: 812-856-3683

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The Committee on Accreditation for Recreational Therapy Education (CARTE), under the auspices of CAAHEP, promotes and advances the quality of educational programs for recreational therapy.

The purpose of CARTE is to promote the highest levels of professional competence of recreational therapists through the:

• development and promotion of professional preparation standards;

• encouragement of excellence in educational program development; and

• accreditation of recreational therapy professional preparation programs.


American Therapeutic Recreation Association

ATRA Commissioner to CAAHEP:

Brent Wolfe
Executive Director
American Therapeutic Recreation Association
25 Century Blvd., Suite 505
Nashville, TN  37214

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Important Information

The Committee on Accreditation of Recreational Therapy Education (CARTE) is seeking Board Members. Please see the 2024 Call for Board Member Nominations for details and qualifications.

Keeping Up with CARTE Vol. 1, Issue 1, CARTE newsletter

Board Members

CARTE Membership 2022-2023

Jared Allsop, Ph.D., CTRS, Chair

Tim Passmore, Ed.D., CTRS/L, FDRT

Amber Arrington, CTRS, CDP

Karley Brouwer, CTRS,CDP, CBIS

David Loy, Ph.D., LRT, CTRS, CARSS I

Thomas Alne, MS, CRNP

Mindy Brown, MS, CTRS

Yongseop Kim, MPH

Serena Maltais, CTRS,MRSc

Emily Messina, Ph.D., CTRS

Morgan Morton, MS, LRT,CTRS

Rhonda Nelson, Ph.D., MTRS, CTRS, MT-BC, FDRT, Past Chair

Casey Weidner, CARSS I

Brent Wolfe, Ph.D., LRT, CTRS, FDRT

Stacey Ocander, EdD, CAAHEP Board Liaison

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CARTE Accreditation General Session 2019