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Standards and Guidelines

Files with labels - "Standards, Clients"At the heart of the CAAHEP accreditation system are our nationally-recognized Standards. All CAAHEP Standards have certain elements in common, however the Standards for each discipline contain specific requirements for training entry level practitioners in that profession. The Standards are approved by the CAAHEP Board of Directors and are subject to review every five years. The Standards review process is a rigorous one that includes, input from the communities of interest, a public open hearing, and approval by the Committee on Accreditation (CoA) and its sponsoring organization(s).

The Standards review and revision process requires that proposed Standards be posted on the CAAHEP website at least 30 days prior to the date of the open hearing. Please check News and Announcements for current notices of open hearings. If you would like to comment on proposed standards for any of the CAAHEP professions, please email mail@caahep.org.

To review the Standards and Guidelines for a specific profession, please select the appropriate profession below (please note in some instances there may be more than one set of Standards for the profession, if this is the case please contact the appropriate CoA to determine which set of Standards currently applies to your program). Some of the newer professions are currently working on developing Standards and are indicated as "coming soon."

Advanced Cardiovascular Sonography
Anesthesia Technology
Anesthesiologist Assistant
(effective 1/1/17) 
Anesthesiologist Assistant (effective through 12/31/16)
Art Therapy
Assistive Technology
Cardiovascular Technology
Clinical Research Professional
(effective 9/1/17) New!
Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Emergency Medical Services - Paramedic
(effective 1/1/16)
Emergency Medical Services - Paramedic (effective through 12/31/15)
Exercise Physiology (effective 1/19/17) 
Exercise Physiology (effective through 1/18/17)
Exercise Sciences (effective 1/19/17)
Exercise Sciences (effective through 1/18/17)
Intraoperative Neurophsyiologic Monitoring
Lactation Consultant (effective through 5/20/18)
Lactation Consultant (effective 5/21/18)
Medical Assisting
Medical Illustrator
Medical Scribe Specialist 
New Appendix B!
Neurodiagnostic Technology (effective through 8/31/18)
Neurodiagnostic Technology (effective 9/1/18)

Orthoptics - Standards in development
Orthotic and Prosthetic Assistant - Standards in development
Orthotic and Prosthetic Technician
New Appendix B!
Pedorthist - Standards in development
Personal Fitness Training
Polysomnographic Technology

Recreational Therapy 
(effective July 1, 2017)
Recreational Therapy (effective through June 30, 2017)
Rehabilitation/Disabilities Studies - Standards in development
Specialist in Blood Banking Technology/Transfusion Medicine
Surgical Assistant

Surgical Technology