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Board of Directors Meetings

The CAAHEP Board of Directors meets six times per year to take action on accreditation recommendations.

Meeting Room Sign

March 2019

March 15: Board of Directors Conference Call 3:00 PM Eastern

April 2019*

April 14-15: CAAHEP 25th Annual Meeting of Commissioners
   The Menger Hotel, San Antonio, Texas
   *No accreditation actions are taken at this meeting

May 2019

May 17Board of Directors Conference Call 3:00 PM Eastern 

July 2019

July 24-25: Board of Directors Meeting
  The Westin, Indianapolis, IN
July 26-27: CoA Summer Workshop
  The Westin, Indianapolis, IN

September 2019

September 20: Board of Directors Conference Call 3:00 PM Eastern 

November 2019 

November 15: Board of Directors Conference Call 3:00 PM Eastern 

January 2020 

January 15-16: Board of Directors Meeting
January 17-18: Leadership Conference 

April 2020 

April 19-20: Annual Meeting

July 2020 

July 15-16: Board of Directors Meeting
July 17-18: CoA Summer Workshop 

January 2021 

January 13-1: Board of Directors Meeting
January 17-18: Leadership Conference 

April 2021 

April 18-19: Annual Meeting

July 2021 

July 14-15: Board of Directors Meeting
July 16-17: CoA Summer Workshop

January 2022 

January 19-20: Board of Directors Meeting
January 21-22: Leadership Conference 

April 2022 

April 17-18: Annual Meeting

July 2022

July 13-14: Board of Directors Meeting
July 15-16: CoA Summer Workshop