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CAAHEP Sponsoring Organizations – The Foundation of Our History
In many organizations, supporters come and go depending on the political climate or the times, events happening in the world or hot issues of the day. CAAHEP is so fortunate to have been in a unique position where our supporters – sponsoring organizations – have held true in their belief that what CAAHEP does matters. CAAHEP accreditation matters to professions, to programs, to students, and doctors, and educators, and institutions. And we are so proud to have had these strong organizations’ backing year after year. How amazing is it that we can say that of the 71 sponsoring organizations CAAHEP has today, the following 33 organizations were with us on day one and remain a sponsoring organization of CAAHEP? With a tip of our hat and a standing ovation, we say thank you to: Read More...

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Commission on Accreditationof Allied Health Education Programs

CAAHEP is the largest programmatic accreditor in the health sciences field. In collaboration with its Committees on Accreditation, CAAHEP reviews and accredits over 2200 educational programs in 32 health science occupations.