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April 2021 Communique Online

 | 4/21/2021
The 2021 CAAHEP Communique is available online

Kathy Megivern to Retire at the end of 2021

 | 3/31/2021
CAAHEP announces the retirement of Executive Director Kathleen Megivern, JD, effective December 31, 2021. Kathy has served as CAAHEP’s Executive Director for 23 years and only the second staff leader of the organization, joining the organization just four years after its formation. Kathy has led the organization through many innovative accomplishments, including moving CAAHEP to outcomes-based Standards and the addition of 15 professions during her tenure. Kathy will assist in the onboarding of a new executive director at the year’s end.   Read More...

CAAHEP Executive Director Search

 | 3/31/2021
With the retirement of CAAHEP’s Executive Director scheduled for December 31, 2021, a committee has been formed to guide CAAHEP’s Executive Director search. On the Executive Director Search page, you will find a position announcement, job description, application, and additional information. Read More...

CAAHEP 25th Anniversary Appreciation Video

 | 4/29/2019
Check out the CAAHEP's appreciation video to all who helped us to get to our 25th Anniversary!  Read More...

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On the CAAHEP website you can find up-to-date information about upcoming CAAHEP Board of Directors meetings, Open Hearings for Standards and Guidelines, the CAAHEP Annual Meeting, and the meetings of the Committees on Accreditation.

CAAHEP has an obligation to inform the public of possible Standards and Guidelines revisions, the addition of professions to the CAAHEP system of accreditation, a change in CAAHEP meeting dates, policies that may affect accredited programs and so forth. To learn more about such time sensitive issues please click on Public Notification.

The CAAHEP Board of Directors meets 6 times annually for the purpose of reviewing accreditation recommendations. These meetings are held both face-to-face and via conference call. View the CAAHEP Board of Directors meeting schedule.

The Annual Meeting of CAAHEP is held each April. This Annual Meeting brings together each of the Commissioners from the sponsoring organizations of CAAHEP to discuss and review the activities of CAAHEP, to elect the Board of Directors, and to vote on such items as Bylaws changes, the introduction of new professions into the CAAHEP system, new sponsoring organizations and so forth. Specific information about the Annual Meeting is posted on the CAAHEP website approximately 4-6 weeks prior to the meeting. View the Upcoming Meetings if you are interested in attending the Annual Meeting and/or want more information about the agenda and/or registration.
At the end of each fiscal year, CAAHEP produces an Annual Report,highlighting the year's activities and financial standing. The Report is sent out electronically and is posted on this site. In addition, archives of past Annual Reports are available on the CAAHEP Annual Report page. 

CAAHEP works with 25 Committees on Accreditation in the accreditation process. These committees meet throughout the year to review self-study materials, the results of on-site visits, annual reports, progress reports and other accreditation related activities. View the Calendar if you are interested in knowing when a particular Committee on Accreditation is meeting.