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Commissioners of CAAHEP represent their organization's interest in CAAHEP. Many Commissioners also represent the sponsoring organization on the board of the corresponding Committee on Accreditation. Most Commissioners are selected or appointed by the sponsoring organization, however, the following categories of Commissioners are appointed by the Board of Directors:
  • Public Member Commissioners
  • Representative of Recent Graduates
  • Representatives from Hospital-based programs and the Department of Veteran Affairs
  • Department of Defense, Proprietary Institutions, and Vocational/Technical Institutions

The role of a Commissioner is to approve bylaws, mission, and vision statements of CAAHEP; determine whether an occupation is eligible to participate in the CAAHEP system; approve new sponsoring organizations and Committees on Accreditation; monitor the Board of Directors' development of accreditation standards and activities to assure the quality and equity of CAAHEP's accreditation practices; and seek to achieve national recognition as an accrediting agency through appropriate national and/or international recognized agencies as deemed necessary. 

The following is CAAHEP's organizational chart: