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Committee on Rehabilitation Accreditation

Betsey Sawyer
Administrative Coordinator
University of Memphis Institute on Disability, 100 Ball Hall
Memphis, TN 38152
Phone: 901-678-4303

Purposes of CoRA

1. Develop, maintain, and revise accreditation standards for quality RDSE programs

2. Support the development and continuous improvement of RDSE programs by following defined and clearly communicated accreditation standards and procedures.

3. Systematically gather and use data from stakeholders to guide the revision and continuous improvement of accreditation standards and procedures.


Sponsor for Rehabilitation Accreditation

CoRA's accreditation services are provided by professionals who are  specifically trained in curriculum and standards for rehabilitation accreditation.  Accreditation procedures and guidelines are driven by CAAHEP policy and supported by the National Rehabilitation Counseling Association (NRCA).  NRCA serves as CoRA's sponsoring organization and a NRCA representative serves on the Committee on Rehabilitation Accreditation.   

National Rehabilitation Counseling Association


CoRA Board Members

Dr. Penny Willmering, CRC, LPC, CoRA Co-Chair
Dr. David Perry, CRC, CoRA Co-Chair
Dr. Michelle Marmé, CRC, LCPC, NRCA Commissioner
Dr. Chrisann Schiro-Geist, CRC, CoRA Treasurer
Dr. Karen Barrett, CoRA Social Media Consultant 
Dr. Alan Bruce, CoRA International Consultant
Dr. J. Chad Duncan, CRC, CPO, CoRA Committee Member
Dr. Benjamin Jenkins, CRC, CoRA Committee Member
Dr. Regina Robertson, CRC, LPC, CoRA Committee Member
Dr. Frances Siu, CRC, CoRA Committee Member


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Upcoming Events

Questions about accreditation? Want Site Visitor or Program Director Training? 

National Council on Rehabilitation Education Conference, April 16th, 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

Undergraduate Accreditation Training for Site Visitors and Program Directors: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask!
Undergraduate rehabilitation programs are now eligible for accreditation through the Commission for Accreditation of Allied Health Educational Programs (CAAHEP). The Committee on Rehabilitation Accreditation (CoRA), which is responsible for accreditation activities under CAAHEP, will provide training regarding the new standards, site visitor training competencies, and information vital to program directors and faculty seeking or considering accreditation.
Upon completion of the training, participants will be eligible to apply for site visitor status.
Attendance at the CAAHEP workshop entitled Undergraduate accreditation training for site visitors and program directors: Everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask, requires pre-registration and a $20.00 pre-paid fee.
In order to register, please contact the Committee on Rehabilitation Accreditation (a committee of CAAHEP) at 901-678-4303, and speak to Dr. Chrisann Schiro-Geist. Payments may be made via credit card or personal checks, and payment must be received by March 15th, 2019.
The event is scheduled for April 16th from 9:00AM-1:00PM. Please note that at this reduced registration rate that food will not be offered. Participants are welcome to bring in their own drinks and food.
Agenda items for the training include: overview of CAAHEP and CoRA, review of standards, site visitor training, the application process and accreditation process and fees, and preparation for self-study submissions. At the end of training, participants will be invited to apply for site visitor status.
Program directors, faculty members and potential site visitors are invited to attend. At this time registration is limited to the first 30 applicants. Cancellation policy: All fees will be refunded up to 30 days prior to the workshop date and 50% of fees will be refunded up to 14 days prior to the workshop date. If cancellation occurs less than 14 days prior to the workshop date, no fees will be returned.
For further information about accreditation standards, you may also contact Dr. Penny Willmering via email at pwillmering@atu.edu


Accreditation Documents

We are currently working on both Standards and Policies and Procedures.  Watch this space!  Standards Public Comment period coming soon!